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. JEBSHEIM – 1050 inhabitants – mostly a farming village  Find out more...

. « Peace path » marked walking trail

. Hinking marked routes by the Club Vosgien

. Fishing
. cycling : many marked routes

. Discovered very close to water :

. Guided tour on a rowing-boat to discover both history and nature one the
river Ill and its branches www.BATELIER-RIED.COM

. Canoe rentals for an outing on the ground-water rivers and discovery of the
rich faun and flora

. The « Brown Ried » marked walking trails

. the « Montagne des Singes » natural park with monkey

. the « Volerie des Aigles » natural park with eagles at Kintzheim

. Hunawihr stork park (storks have recently been introduced)


Cycling tracks and routes, for endless drives, rides and walks.