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JEBSHEIM : a small rural village, solid farm buildings, timbered houses, sandstone porches.

Restaurant D'MELICHKANN "the milk can" restaurant, try the regional dishes, original varied, fine and generous.

Shopping facilities : Vival Superette, bread available, hairdresser
doctor, dentist, physiotherapist, notary, police, bank

. Jebsheim Saint-Martin church has 12th century roman foundations (modified) roman clock-tower - Lords of Berckheim's tomb-stones dating from 14th to 16th century - and is one of the oldest Christian sanctuaries in Alsace.

. The Jebsheim Mill Cross "Croix du Moulin": This memorial is meant to remember the hard battles that took place within the area of Jebsheim causing over 900 casualties and more than 2000 wounded, (Americans, Germans, French, austrians) between January 25th and january 30th 1945.
The monument is a cross shaped by the empty space between three stone pannels, one for each nation of belligerents. (USA, France and Germany). The 3 walls built in pink Alsacian sandstone, are laid out as a star, on a circular basis and bear the names of the regiments who fought in Jebsheim.
The circular basis bears the following inscription in 3 languages: « ILS SONT REUNIS DANS LA MORT, UNISSONS-NOUS DANS LA PAIX." Purpose: without ever forgetting the past, always labour to reach understanding and reconciliation between former opponents, trying to achieve close united Europe, excluding any new confrontation.